“This Thursday, Disc Jam Music Festival commences at Gardner’s Farm in Stephentown, NY for its 8th annual installment. It should go without saying, but this summer’s lineup boasts the most impressive collection of regional, national and international talent this special event has ever delivered. With acts like LotusBeats AntiqueJoker, and Electron, Tony Scavone and his team at Disc Jam has built a weekend of music, art, disc golf and workshops that could entertain even the most uninterested individual.

To preface the festival, we’ve conducted a series of interviews with different musicians on this year’s lineup to provide a glimpse behind the curtain and a preview for the weekend ahead. To kick things off we caught up with Luke Miller (guitar, keys) of Lotus to talk about the band’s forthcoming studio album, their first appearance at Disc Jam, and their recent Spring Tour. Lotus celebrates 20 years of jamtronica prowess in 2019, and begins its summer festival season this Saturday with a headlining set. Tickets for the weekend’s festivities can still be bought at this link, with single passes and weekend wristbands available for purchase.”

Check out the whole interview over at Sound-Fix.com!


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