“The next morning, we scattered, soggy and muddy and unsure of what to do next. But while there was no more festival to go to, the wonderful group of people that attends these events—the secret ingredient of every Phish fest—was determined to make the best of it. The rest of the weekend coalesced under a unifying theme: making lemonade. While Thursday and Friday were littered with stories of loss and disappointment, Saturday and Sunday were highlighted by the fans’ defiant commitment to finding positives in this negative situation.

People headed to Knuckleball, a pop-up festival not far from Watkins thrown together in the wake of the cancellation. Some found campsites in the area, where they set up camp and celebrated with their friends anyway. Some went to Niagara Falls. Others set up their tents in their living rooms. Our crew made its way back to New York City, where we built ourselves a “day set” out of the exhibits we saw at the Natural History Museum and imagined what could have been as we strolled through Strawberry Fields.”

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