Once the cancellation announcement was made, fans were left figuring out their next move. Should they return home? Possibly camp in a nearby area since they’ve already got the gear and the time off? Should they just travel and see the local sights? The options were endless but one thing was for sure: most were starved for live music. Where there’s a need, there’s someone in motion trying to fill that void. Cue Tony Scavone, owner and founder of Disc Jam Music Festival, and property owner Joe Schenk. Together they jumped into action and worked tirelessly throughout the night to come up with a game plan to “save Curveball” and host a live music camping event within driving distance of Watkins Glen.

In the wee hours of the morning, the pop-up festival known as Knuckleball began to take shape. Working in tandem with Purple Pig Music Festival, Scavone and his team secured grounds in Naples, New York, for this last minute event to happen. With swift action, word of mouth spread quickly once this alternative festival was posted on social media sites, allowing stranded attendees an option to catch live music not far from the Curveball grounds.

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