The Disc Jam Flow Tribe was founded in 2013 as a collaboration of flow artists specializing in live daytime, LED and fire performances with a mission to unite the local jam and flow arts communities. Our performers have had the opportunity to share the stage with many renowned musical acts such as Lotus, The Disco Biscuits, Beats Antique, Lettuce and more! Through their dedication and talent, the members of the Flow Tribe have grown to become an integral part of the Disc Jam Music Festival experience. Each year, the Disc Jam Flow Tribe hosts open auditions to give members of the local and regional flow arts community the opportunity to share their passion with festival attendees at the event. These artists perform together as the Disc Jam Flow Tribe just one time per year during the event in June, and as the festival has grown, so has the flow tribe!
In effort to maintain the tight-knit community and family vibes centered around a large group of performers, Flow Tribe coordinators and returning members work together to give growing artists the opportunity to showcase their talents by performing on stage with some of the most notable musical acts in the northeast. Several Disc Jam Flow Tribe members have moved on to become full-time professional flow artists, while other members return each year to share their talents with the community and enjoy a weekend of self-expression. In addition to performance artists, the Flow Tribe also works with growing businesses within the community through a sponsor/promoter relationship. Small business owners are given the opportunity to vend at Disc Jam free of cost in exchange for customized products that are given to the artists of the flow tribe as part of their compensation to promote during the event. This synergistic relationship between small business owners and growing artists has preserved the community vibes created by the Disc Jam Flow Tribe while supporting their success.
Over the years, Disc Jam Music Festival has given the Flow Tribe the option to hire a small group of full-time professional flow artists to get paid to perform at the event. As a group, the Flow Tribe has decided to decline this offer in order support and give equal opportunity to all growing artists and businesses within the community. As a result, the Flow Tribe consists of more than 30 past members and about 15 perform at the festival annually. Disc Jam Music Festival is all about the celebration of talent – whether it be through music, dance, photography, craft or art. As the official performers of the event, we strive to support growing artists and businesses while maintaining the family-oriented vibes of the festival. We perform to give back to OUR community because once the festival ends, many of our members return to the other side of the stage as attendees to countless shows and as professionals in everyday life!



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